Alexandra, Of Body and Land, 2018

(shot on 35mm)

“As I have only recently discovered this landscape, it has become a space for new growth and understanding for me.

This landscape is starving, this desert is cracking, this lake is drying, these trees are dead, yet all are still breathing.

When I stand at the waters edge, in front of the white Mulga tree, I feel grounded with her. I see her face and feel her pain, I linger in this place and wait for the next wave of understanding.”

Rachel, Of Body and Land, 2018

(shot on 35mm)

“With the cycle of the rising and falling of the sun comes life and new beginnings. There’s something so pure and natural about the sun’s energy.

As I lay under the sun, the warmth envelops me and drowns me in a euphoric feeling. I often find myself so caught up in emotions, in feelings. Laying in the sun brings a weightlessness that I can’t describe, and a much needed cleansing ensues. In that moment it is hard to fight the feeling that everything is going to be okay.

Reconnecting to nature truly reminds me that it’s okay to feel and to evolve. Change is inevitable, and I’ve accepted that, but the sun is a welcomed constant in my life.”

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